05 November 2008

My favorite things!

Inspired by Lissa! I'm only doing things, a la Opera, so only things you can have, too.

  1. McDonald's Iced Coffee: large vanilla. So smooth and delicious! Makes me sing and dance down the aisles of Wal-Mart!
  2. Harold and the Purple Crayon DVD for naptime and bedtime.
  3. Reporter's notebooks--the medium-sized ones with the spiral binding on top and yellow pages. I have probably a dozen filled with interview notes that I can't throw away!
  4. Stonyfield organic yogurt. I don't even like yogurt, but this stuff is delicious!
  5. Dole frozen strawberries and blueberries--as good as fresh and keeps longer! Great for smoothies with Stonyfield!
  6. My Nike flip-flops. I see everyone wearing these; love 'em!
  7. My black Juicy sweats. They've got bleach spots and a fraying hem, but I still rock those things every week (only in the house!).
  8. Victoria's Secret PINK lotion. Delicious, mild scent.
  9. Sharpies. Felt-tipped pens and markers.
  10. Panera Cinnamon chip bagels.
  11. Those fuzzy socks you wear around the house.
  12. Baby Name Wizard: I was obsessed with this book when I was pregnant, and I still keep it in the living room to look up names all the time! All the info you need for most names!
  13. I'm with Lissa on Express Editor pants.
  14. High School Musical. Okay I said it. Laugh if you will.
  15. Fiestaware. Every color, vintage and new! Love it!
  16. Pride and Prejudice, the six-hour BBC version starring Colin Firth.
  17. iPod car radio transmitter. I sincerely hope it doesn't ever cause me to wreck.
  18. My star necklace with Claire's birthstone and name--from Etsy!
  19. My hair miracle products: Chi hair straightener and Biosilk spray.
  20. GreenWorks cleaning products from Clorox. Eco-friendly and smells like coconut! You'll have to ask Claire if you want to know if it tastes like it, too. (She didn't drink it or anything; she stuck her finger in it and licked it.)
Looking back at this, I'm so boring. I could go on and on, racking my brain for cooler things I like, but this is me right now. It's fun. Try it!


Audrey said...

Happy 18th months to Claire!

Amanda said...

i love sharpie stuff too. i especially love my new sharpie pens.

Lissa said...

Thanks for your list! I want some Juicy sweats!!!