17 November 2008

DWTS: Brooke Burke-Don't you just feel sorry for her?

Brooke Burke officially went from "Don't you just hate her?" to "Don't you just pity her?" tonight! Whoa, that was a shocker. For once, the little errors I thought I saw in her dance were actual errors the judges saw! I think I usually just notice little things that aren't that big a deal, while the judges see her beautiful lines and technique and all that. Anyway, I felt so bad for her and Derek during that trashing after her jive. And then I felt sorry for her AGAIN when I saw what those crazy DWTS costumers put her in for their salsa! Those gold fringed pants have got to be the grossest monstrosity I've ever seen on this show, and there have been some deliciously awful costumes, let me tell you. But of course, the salsa was back up to "Don't you just hate her?" standards.

And then on to our little engine that could, Cody. I'm starting to think that the only thing that separates him from The Head is sheer determination and boldness. Cody's fun to watch, but it's a tad painful at the same time. He reminds me a bit of the Texas Giant rollercoaster, known for being the largest remaining wooden rollercoaster. It's good for a few thrills, but it's really very uncomfortable. I'm afraid he really doesn't have much rhythm and I've never seen his hips move well, despite Dancemaster's best efforts.

But then we have Warren, who has all the rhythm in the world, but very little desire to do difficult moves or learn technique. I can see why, with his schedule. It looks like he has the tightest one of anyone. Of the remaining contestants, I would say he's grown the least as a dancer. He was fun to watch in the beginning, and he's still fun to watch. No game-changing surge in confidence like Lance, or fierce energy to stay with his lovely partner as long as possible like Cody, or staggering approach to professional level like Brooke. Just a big man having a good time.

And last, Shoeless Lance Bass. Wow. What can I say? He was pretty freaking awesome tonight. Lacey's choreography was fun and tight, and Lance was workin' that big ol' booty off. The Dancemaster cured him of his pigeon toe with one little tip to turn his thigh out. Their jitterbug was right up there with Derek & Brooke's and Julianne and Cody's. Lacey won the cutest costume of the night with her adorable sailor suit with the red, white, and blue tulle underneath her skirt! (Had to make up for that peacock-booty mini from their mambo!)

My votes went to: Two for Lance and Lacey, two for Cody and Julianne, and one for Brooke and Derek

Encore prediction: Lancey's jitterbug or maybe Brookek's salsa

Ouster prediction: I'm going to say that Warren will be gone, mostly because I think Cody (and possibly Julianne's)'s fans are more fanatical about voting than Warren's.


Lissa said...

LOVED Lance's jitterbug. Also I predict Warren will be gone too, and I like watching Cody a little more. Altho I did see Cody counting tonight...did anyone else see that?

Amanda said...

hello! what about the lifts?? did the pros think they were legal this week? i'm not complaining, they were great! but why did they all do it?

Kim said...

Sis: Lifts were legal in the new dance round, so for the jitterbug and salsa, they were allowed. Notice Carrie Ann told Brookek that lifts were not allowed "this round."

Lissa: I didn't notice Cody counting, but that doesn't surprise me! He's trying verrry hard!

Elizabeth said...

Did anyone else notice Brooke's white thong coming up over the horrible gold pants? Please tell me someone else saw it too.