22 May 2008

School's Out!

Woo-hooo! One teacher workday left! (And Claire's going with me to that!)

After tomorrow, I will officially no longer be a dreaded first-year teacher! Yes!

16 May 2008


I'm through with grades for three months! No more kids pestering me about turning in late work, or asking what their grade is at the most inopportune moments. I'm THROUGH! Woo-hoo! Now I've just got to hang out with the hoodlums for the last THREE FULL DAYS of school!

13 May 2008

She's walking!

Claire took her first steps about three weeks ago, which I neglected to mention on here for some reason! Anyway, it's been amazing to see her gain confidence and enjoy her newfound skill. She's thrilled with herself, and we're thrilled to see our little drunken sailor become more independent!

Here, you see her getting into my purse to get out one of her favorite things, a pack of gum. She'll actually unwrap a piece and chew off a little bit if I let her. But you can tell that she's been told no with this before by her response when I ask her what she has: first a michevious grin, then a naughty giggle, then pants of excitement.

12 May 2008

Claire: Grow in Love!

Welcome to Claire's party! Strawberry cake + family + friends + one adorable baby + one wild toddler + lots of presents = A fabulous first birthday party! I tried to do a daisy/garden theme, but who really cares, right? Claire got to eat cake, so that's all she needed to know. (the last pic is actually at Dad's Thursday) Plus she got to hang out with baby cousin Katelyn Mauck, who she LOVES, and cruise around in a new Radio Flyer coupe!

07 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Claire!

I can hardly believe Claire is a year old!

All About Claire at One Year

  • Favorite foods: Grapes, strawberries, sweet peas
  • Favorite sound: "Mmmmm!" (For cows and yummy foods.)
  • Likes: Music, dogs, four-wheeler rides, Mommy's cell phone, lift-the-flap books, balls
  • Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed, teething, people grabbing her before she reaches for them
  • Favorite People: Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw, Papaw, Grandmom, Uncle Ty,
  • Blog friends (loves looking at their pics online!): cousins Kerrigan and Carson, second cousin Allie, third cousins Emma and Owen
  • Schedule: Falls asleep when she's tired, eats when she's hungry (no schedule)
  • Mobility: About 10 steps and then plop!
  • Sign Language: Offers bits of food to the person feeding her, claps when she's happy or hears music she likes, waves bye-bye and hello.
Party pics to come after her party Saturday!