01 November 2008

Get candy get candy get candy

Claire's first time trick-or-treating was great fun. We went to a grand total of five houses, but this ended up taking three hours! Guess that's what happens when you're really just using Halloween as an excuse to visit friends and family.

We could not get the girl to stand still for a solo pic! We've got pics of her with Tyler (dressed as some obscure Star Wars character from the new Clone Wars movie), her with Mom, and her with me, but none by herself, showing off her mom's rather clumsy handiwork at making a ladybug tutu. Thankfully, Kerri managed to get a few of her in her full regalia at Audrey's house a couple weekends ago. In any event, Mom finally had a reason for calling her Clairebug tonight!

After trick-or-treating, we got to spend some time with family and friends at my Uncle Mike and Aunt Penny's house, including my cousin Cristy and her beautiful daughter Hannah Rose. Claire took right to Cristy, even though we haven't seen her in three months or so. She kept crawling into her lap with a book!

We've also got a great shot here of Claire's current hairdo, which is becoming quite mullet-tastic. YIKES! Talk about karma! Jay and my first date was counting mullets at the Sand Bass Festival in Madill! Now our daughter could be mocked in like manner! Horrors! I don't want to sacrifice her beautiful curls in the back with a premature haircut, so all I know to do is pull it up as often as possible. Pigtails are preferable, but she usually yanks those out within 15 minutes. Bows are also helpful, but she enjoys pulling those out, too. HELP!

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Lissa said...

Did you make the tutu?????? LOVE IT!!