18 November 2008

DWTS-The Kimster is WRONG!

Wow, am I the only one a bit surprised that Cody and Julianne's star power didn't carry them through to the finals? I mean, yeah, Cody's title is "Hannah Montana star," while Warren's is "Super Bowl Champion," but still, Disney is Disney. And those tweens can be quite devoted to their stars! But apparently, they're either not big on DWTS or not big on voting!

But I gotta say, did I call the correct source of Cody's determination or what? Tonight in his post-dance interview from last night, he said, "I just really hope that wasn't my last dance with Julianne." Yeah, that's what I thought. He LOVES her! Too bad she's dating super-cute country singer Chuck Wicks...as of August. Hmmm...wonder if that's the lastest on Ms. Hough's relationship status? Oh, to be friends with her on Facebook...then I would know the TRUTH! Can I just say that this Mormon gal is my fave? Living the pure life in an impure environment--I applaud you, Julianne! Great perf tonight of My Halleluja (sp?).

Also: Maks and Karina--steamy rumba! Well I suppose the rumba is always steamy, but don't you think Tom did an insinuating little eyebrow wiggle when he said afterward, "Maksim and Karina--What chemistry." A DWTS couple? That's the buzz, people! I didn't find any reputable sources reporting it in my Google search, but there's definitely buzz, is all I'm saying.

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