29 September 2006

Come cook with us!

My sister-in-law Audrey has joined my cooking blog, so go check out her great recipes for Pumpkin Banana Bread and Poppyseed Chicken!

No more sick feelings!

Well the baby grape (that's how big it is this week) has given me a break from all the queasy feelings! Yay! Some people have told me that the prenatal vitamins calm some of that down. Ironically, it also makes me feel a little worried...I don't really feel pregnant now. However, I read the chances of miscarriage go way down after you hear the baby's heartbeat, and I did at my first appointment, at only 7wks.

We also shared the news with people at church this week. I'm only 9wks, but the news was already starting to leak out, so I thought it better to go ahead and tell people, rather than just let the news get around. Our preacher's son, who's 7, was SO excited for us! He told me, "Hurry up and get fat so you can have the baby!" One lady told me that her husband had guessed it just a few days before! I said, "Oh, I didn't think I was showing yet!" And she said he could just tell by some sort of look I had about me. That pregnancy glow, I suppose. I didn't realize I was emitting it.

We have started thinking about names, but it's so odd to talk about them with other people, because people have such different tastes in names. People inevitably have suggestions that I think are completely bizarre or way too trendy. It's kind of like when you're shopping with someone, and they hold up this shirt you would never pick out and say, "Oh, this would look so cute on you!" And I think, You see me wearing that? It's a little awkward. And then I tell them the names we like, and the response is often negative or noncommittal. I think people really just like to talk about the names they like. Here are some of the names I've heard people suggest or say they like: Brex, Boston, Kinsley, Kennedy, Charlize, Bentley. My response: You see me naming my child that? I think I'm going to start responding to the question of what names we like with, "Well if it's a girl, [your name]." And then laugh and sit back and listen to all their suggestions.

Basically, we like traditional, but unusual names. Names you recognize when you hear, but you don't hear very often. Almost old-fashioned names. NO made-up names. Here are the ones I like now (but who knows in a couple months?): Meredith, Jocelyn, and Mallory for girls, and Lucas and Dawson for boys.

Sorry if you're afraid to leave feedback on these names after my little rant about people only liking their own suggestions. From you, loved ones, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

25 September 2006

JAM time!

Okay, this post has very little to do with my real life, but I must dish on the season premiere of the best TV comedy since Seinfeld, The Office. Here's the scoop: according to my message board sources, the British version had the Jim character transfer after he asked the Pam character out and she rejected him. HOWEVER, the office where he transferred (the Stanford office in the American version) later MERGES with the perenially low-performing original office (in Scranton). Here's the rub, IF the show continues to follow the pattern of the British version: the Jim character starts dating an officemate from his new office, and when the whole gang gets together, the Pam character is instantly jealous. Ah ha, I can't wait!! People are supposing it's that Indian-looking girl (Rashida Jones). Good times!

For anyone who may be disappointed that they didn't end up together, I offer you this: this show is a mockumentary, which means it is supposed to mimic real life as much as possible in the relationships and characters. Would we really like Pam if she ran off with Jim and dumped Roy? Plus, where would that put the show? I like this way: it continues the anticipation and it doesn't make for any bad guys. Also, how great was that of the writers to make Roy turn over a new leaf? Such conflict! Can't wait until Thursday!

22 September 2006

Can you believe this?

The other night, I left the house for an hour and a half, and this is what I come home to. A 12-pack of TP had been sitting on the kitchen table, and Ranger for some reason thought it would be tons of fun to rip into each and every roll. Shadow was innocent in this affair (as he is in most); he just posed for the picture.

Sunset on Madison Ave.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

~Psalm 19:1

21 September 2006

Being pregnant is not fun right now

Well, in case you all are wondering what kinds of discomforts I'm going through what with my body becoming a vessel and all, I'd be happy to share! Don't worry, I won't get too graphic. However, this seems to be a question most people ask right off the bat, "How have you been feeling" or "Any morning sickness yet?" So to quench your morbid interest, here you go:

I basically feel queasy and/or bloated all the time. What's weird about this upset tummy, though, is that it is often paired with a ravenous hunger for the weirdest things! (No pickles and ice cream!) I've mostly been craving relatively healthy things though: for the past couple weeks, it was peanut butter and milk. Not necessarily together, but once or twice a day, I'd have to have a glass of milk or something with peanut butter on it. I have sporadic spasms of craving Mexican food, particularly salsa. I've cooked fajitas, chicken tortilla soup, and my breakfast burrito special of smoked sausage, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and salsa in the past week! So this kind of mild nausea is different from any other kind I've felt because it's like an stomach that's upset because it's hungry! (much like the baby itself will be, I guess!)

The other bad thing I've been experiencing is serious, knock-me-out fatigue. I've been trying to walk everyday, but it's hard when you come home so pooped all you want to do is lay down and take a nap! I've either taken an hour or so nap or gone to bed by about 10:30 every night for the past couple weeks.

Well, that's about the extent of my (printable) pregnancy woes! Don't cry for me Argentina, though, we're very blessed and happy right now!!

19 September 2006

We're having a baby!

That's right readers; I haven't posted lately because I've had one thing on my mind, one thing I wasn't ready to share yet! But we've now gone for our first prenatal appointment and informed all the grandparents. I'm 8 weeks along, and our due date is May 2.

Jay and I are so thankful, overwhelmed, excited, nervous, and joyous about this little person growing inside me! These last couple weeks have not been held much physical contentment for me (queasiness, fatigue, hunger, etc.), but God has more than made up for my temporary discomfort with the mental and emotional fulfillment He's given me.

Thank You, Lord!

05 September 2006

Rainy Labor Day

My relaxing, rainy Labor Day was rocked a little when I heard Steve Irwin was killed doing one of his animal stunts. Was anyone else as shocked and upset as I was? I hadn't seen him around in a while, but my family were fans of his, for sure. So ironic that after all those years of messing with deadly animals, a stingray--naturally placid animals--stung him in the heart! So theatrical! This story says there's video of him actually pulling the barb out of his chest! Let's hope the news channels don't opt to air that. You know we'll have to watch, but we'll be scarred for life! Such is the responsibility of the news media.

I wrote two quick OKT stories for an ensemble piece on Favorite Neighborhoods yesterday. I wrote the ones on Durant and Lawton, and as usual, I got so drawn into the subject matter that I think they turned out good. That's the trick: you have to care about what you're writing about. If you don't care, it comes across, and the readers don't care. Writer tip of the day, free of charge!

The construction business doesn't stop for weekends or holidays so Hubby slogged around in the mud for a few hours.

Then I made rainy day potato soup--I posted the recipe on my Kitchen Adventures blog--watched a couple Felicity eps (sophomore year student council elections, when Ben is chasing Felicity while she's trying to date yucky medical dude Greg! Love it!), and did some reading for my classes.

Altogether a cozy holiday!