20 July 2009

Great times on Lake Texoma!

Whew, what a great weekend! Every year, the Maucks have a big family get-together for a week on Lake Texoma. Lots of fishing, swimming, great food, and visiting! All the little kids loved it--there was a street in between the Maucks' campsites, and they kept it busy with bikes, trikes, and Big Wheels. We also kept a bunch of dump trucks in a pile of rocks and dirt over to the side. Between that and the giant water trampoline that the guys anchored in the middle of the our little inlet, the kids had a great time.

At our lake church service Sunday, we had 39 people present (and four had to leave early--missed ya, Gail, John, Raegen, and Lauren!). It's always so awesome to worship with family you don't see very often in God's creation!

Of course, I only get pictures of the cute kids, and not any of Jay and I, the adults, or the fish!

PaPaw with his youngest two granddaughters.

Claire coloring with her third cousin, Logan.

Claire and Katelyn enjoying an evening boat ride.

Claire, Katelyn, and Katelyn's first cousin (Claire's third), Dylan.

Claire, Kerrigan, and Katelyn play with the trucks!

Carson gives Claire a hand on the trike! She can reach the pedals on this one, but she still can't figure out how to push.

13 July 2009

Our little stinker

A sampling of some of Claire's new habits:

  • Wiping kisses off (with a big mischevious grin!)
  • Saying "I go pee-pee," watching me leap into action, and then saying (again, with a mischievous grin), "No!"
  • Banging her fork on the table, saying "I play drum!" When I tell her to eat, she replies, "I just playing."
  • Feigning deafness when I tell her to come here. (She must have caught that one from her daddy;)
  • Other, far less endearing responses to various orders and requests--some that come dangerously close to fit-throwing. If she crumples on the floor or starts crying to get her way, I usually just have to start the good ol' 1-2-3 count in that ominous-mommy tone, and she says, "I do it!" after 1.

11 July 2009

New baby update!

Well, I'm sorry readers, for so far not mentioning the biggest news of our lives! I put it on Facebook, as I'm sure all of you saw, but I haven't talked about it on the blog, as Lissa pointed out to me today!

Just to give everyone the full story, I'm 13 weeks pregnant, with a due date of January 14. Jay's birthday is January 10, and Lissa is due January 16, so this little one could share a b-day!! As far as my well-being, we waited until 12 weeks to tell everyone, except our parents, because I did have some bleeding at 5 weeks and a couple early ultrasounds that showed a spot that was almost as big as the baby. But at my 8wks ultrasound, my doctor said there was nothing to worry about anymore, since there's been no bleeding and the spot was no longer there. Praise God! That first trimester was so nerve-wracking for me, but the whole pregnancy process really just shows how amazing God made our female bodies!

I haven't felt sick really at all. Maybe once or twice I felt so fatigued and nauseous that I had to lay down for a couple hours, but that's all. Not even much heartburn. Although I must say, my belly is popping out so much that I already am feeling the sleep discomforts of the third trimester! Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I certainly don't remember feeling like my belly was in the way so early last time! I'll try to pose for a belly pic soon, but Jay has been so busy lately that I'm already out of my cute pregnancy clothes by the time he gets home.

Claire is really excited, when she's reminded of the baby anyway. If I mention my belly, as in "Don't lean on my belly Claire; be easy!" or "Oh, my belly is full," she'll say "Baby in there!" and then usually, "I hold it?" She's learned my response by now and says, "Get a little bigger."

Next week is the Maucks on Lake Texoma; so excited!

Potty trained girl!

Well, we're pretty much there! After three days of mostly staying home and changing a bunch of panties, our little girl is going potty like a big girl! Yesterday, she just had two little dribbling accidents, and one was my fault b/c she told me she needed to go, but I didn't believe her, b/c she'd just been like 30 minutes before! The other time, she told me she needed to go, but she tried to put on her flip-flops before running in there! This morning, we were both "working" on the computer--me on the laptop and her on her Baby Einstein computer, and she told me she needed to go, but said, "I need to work on 'puter," so she ran in to the bathroom with it, and then continued to punch buttons while she pee-peed!

We've had several triumphs of potty-training, and several majorly frustrating moments--she told me she needed to go while riding in the car Thursday, and waited until we stopped, got her and her potty out and then went on the potty, her panties staying dry the whole time! But then this morning when she got out of bed, she totally wet down her pajama pants as she was walking to our bedroom. Last night in the middle of the night though, she woke up and said, "I need to go pee-pee" and went in the potty and then went back to bed. So we're definitely still working on it, but I'm very proud of her!