25 November 2008

DWTS: Brookek are the champions!

I love this show. Isn't it strange that this is the only reality show on TV (that I can think of) where the title is just a title, the trophy just a trophy--there is no cash reward or record deal or TV show or anything attached to winning--and yet, the finale is always more satisfying to me than any Survivor or Top Chef. Here's why: this competition puts competitors in a place they never pictured themselves, where most are totally uncomfortable and afraid. We are truly watching people face their fears, performing in a field in which they have little or no background in front of millions of people! That's almost like telling one of us to sing a duet with Celine Dion on national television. Yeah, you can take voice lessons for a few weeks, learn how to let her take the lead and all, but you've still got a mic in your hands! And oh yeah, after accomplishing this seemingly insurmountable task, you're going to be evaluated by a panel of judges. Also on national television. And then, you're going to be put through a popularity contest, AND THEN you have to stand nervously under the bright lights in your ridiculous costume for an hour and wait for your name to be called to validate your worth as a person.

I mean, yes, these people are used to the spotlight, and some are used to performing. But none knew how to do these very difficult dances. The final two in tonight's finale had both never danced before, except for striking poses while a fan blows her hair back sexily, or doing a sack-dance on the field.

So even though it is only a trophy and only a title, tonight's crowning of Brooke and Derek as the new champions was really a lot more. It was a celebration of trying something new--and did I see Miss Gabriella Montez, aka Vanessa Hudgeons in the audience tonight? Coincidence? Or perhaps a reminder that trying something you've never tried before can bring you happiness you never planned on, which, as it turns out, is actually the most satisfying kind of happiness.

And that's why I love this show.

Until March!

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Amanda said...

well put sis. a new season starts in march?

not sure vanessa hudgeons tells us anything about tryin something new...