05 October 2005

I work hard for my money.

So last week I started a new job. I suppose my title is Chamber Manager for the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce, because that's what it says on my name tag. However, I believe my boss wanted me to be Executive Assistant, but the previous person in my position was under a misconception when she ordered the name tag. When my boss handed me my name tag, I said, "Hey, this says Chamber Manager." He does a quick double take: "What does?" "My name tag." "Oh.." laughs. "I guess we have two Chamber Managers, then." Hmm...good to know I earn and deserve my promotions! Anyway, after my first week, I was a little ambivalent about the job: the pay's pretty demoralizing--I could make more waiting tables--but I could kind of make up my own job description, doing my best at whatever I choose to do, including the Chamber newsletter. Creating and writing a lot of the newsletter should be a good professional experience, but my boss doesn't really seem to consider it a priority. Hence my ambivalence.

The Sunday after this first week, I found a tres interressante job ad in the class ads. Hmmm... to apply or not to apply? That has been my question for the last year. It seems the jobs about which I think, "Oh that would be okay temporarily" (real estate agency office manager, 4-H program assistant), I always end up getting, and the jobs where I think, "Oh this would be perfect!" (marketing assistant at rural enterprises, public information officer at Murray State), I always receive a rejection letter. Post-graduation stress syndrome??!! If I don't get a professional job in the next year, I'm going to be suffering from a serious mid-20s expectations crisis. (I saw it on the Today show!)