23 November 2008

Excellent weekend!

Okay, everyone who has read Twilight or is thinking about reading it or just likes a great romance/thriller should definitely go out and watch the movie right now! Seriously, stop reading this post, click over to Fandango, and buy your tix! It was a Grade-A movie, and those of you who know me know I am a critical movie-watcher. For example: Ten Things I Hate About You: More like 10 reasons to hate romantic comedies; Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3: Curse of the bad writing; and 21: That was definitely not a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

That was really just a Schrute-esque way to show I'm picky; I'm not a total movie snob! I love some cheesy flicks too, like High School Musical (all three, thank you very much!), Stardust, Enchanted--well basically anything with singing or a fairy tale quality to it!

But, back to Twilight: I have read all four books; passed them around to my students at school last year, got our library to order the whole set, discussed the last one in my book club, basically, I'm a Twihard. I went with two girls who are also Twihards, and one who just wanted to go for fun, and we all loved it! We bought tickets to a 10:20 showing on Friday night, and got there an hour early to see that probably 75-100 people were already waiting in line to get in! Good thing we bought our tickets like two weeks ago. (We're hardcore like that.) Dani and I were rocking Team Jacob shirts, and we were not mauled by any crazed Edward fans, thank goodness. I was a little worried; I read one Twilighter actually got trampled at an event with Rob Pattinson, who plays Edward. Yikes!

Like I said, my friend who hadn't read the book loved it, and her hubby, who has read the book, went and watched it with her the next day, and he loved it, too! So initiated or uninitiated to Twilight-mania, male or female, you should definitely go. It was a movie I really can't compare to any other of my fave movies--equal parts romance and thriller! Anyone who would like a more complete review, I would be happy to chat about it, but I know I'm probably boring some readers!

AND big news: Because of this weekend's phenomenal numbers, the sequel, New Moon has already got the green light! Yay! Also, I read that it was the biggest first-weekend box office take ever for a female director! Girl power! Too bad the franchise itself is a bit weak on the girl power, though, imho.

Saturday was a baby shower for my cousin Dave and his wife Liz--their baby Izzie is due December 27! (Family members reading who would like to buy them a gift: they're registered at Wal-Mart and Babies 'R' Us.) And they need to start a blog so we can see the bebe grow! But alas, Saturday night found Jay and I both sick--yuck!

We're all better now, and excited to see a lot of family, eat a lot of great food, play some games, go hunting (Jay), and do some Black Friday shopping (me) this week during the Mauck family Thanksgiving!

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