03 November 2008

Make your own tutu!

In response to Lissa's comment, YES I did make Claire's tutu! It was super easy--no-sew--and I highly recommend it to anyone with a little girl--very fun for dress-up and Halloween! I got my directions here, and Audrey got hers for Kerrigan's super-cute punk-rock one here. Audrey's directions are better, I think, because they call for Velcro on the elastic waistband, which makes it easier to put on. I did a ladybug one with black felt dots fabric-glued to red ribbon. This Etsy seller, where Audrey and I both got our inspiration for our tutus, sells them for $20. Hers are probably neater than Claire's, but mine only cost about $10 to make. Five yards of tulle in your choice of color(s) and elastic for the waistband is the minimum! Then you can add hanging ribbons, a ribbon sash, a flower on the sash, whatever!

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