30 May 2006

Summer Camp is OVER!

Hey all, I'm back in the blogging world after finishing up my first supervisory experience with teens since I decided I wanted to teach the little darlings. SOSU GEAR UP Summer College Camp is officially over. Two words that I can only write in allcaps: EXHILIRATING and EXHAUSTING! I loved it: I loved getting to know these individuals who are just learning who they are and what they think of this old world. Their perspectives and ideas and personalities are so beautifully unique and I love that! I loved talking to them and helping them and playing with them.

I can't wait to be a teacher.

Write this down: I. was. ... WRONG!

And my being wrong did not just affect me. Several people will now think I'm an idiot, and my husband could get in trouble. You readers are somewhat a party to this little debacle also. Remember my lovely little post about my dear hubby who I THOUGHT was quitting his jobs at the college? Well, turns out I was wrong. How could a wife be mistaken about her husband's quitting or continuing his job, you ask? By not listening very well, apparently. Jay did resign from his basketball job, but not his golf job. He has until June to decide whether or not he will continue on with that. Those imagined conversations my siblings have been accusing me of storing in my memory as fact appear to be real. I distinctly remember Jay telling me about talking to his boss about quitting the golf job. Me asking what his boss' reaction was. Us discussing his health insurance, how I would need to add him onto mine, since he would no longer be getting any from the college. So many of our conversations were based on my foregone conclusion that he has through with the college. How did he not catch me in this misconception? How did I continue on under it? Even telling my rather...ahem...talkative boss that my hubby would finish his employment at the college in June. This news then spread to a friend of hers whose son was just accepted onto the golf team, which was then spread to the son, which was then spread to the entire golf team!! The worst part of it? My boss' boss is Jay's boss, also. Did you catch that? This news could easily get back to Jay's boss, who has not been informed that Jay is resigning, because in fact, he's not. Oh, woe is me....

25 May 2006

[Not] Working

I kind of feel like I'm working in The Office sometimes. Inappropriate remarks. Petty behavior. Zero productivity. With all women in the office, you never know what we're going to end up talking about. With two of them new grandmas, our group conversations often go back to motherhood and grandmotherhood, which inevitably leads to asking the other young married girl and myself when we plan on having kids. I never realized how inappropriate this question is until I'd been asked it. Ten. Times. A. Week. Yesterday I walked into my boss' office where everyone was congregating to hear the most recent dramatic episode in our coworker's personal life, and I felt a little dizzy. I'd popped up out of my chair so fast after staring at my computer for an hour or so and raced into my boss' office when she yelled, "Kim get in here, Granny's about to tell her story!" Granny immediately asked, "Are you okay?" I replied with my earlier reasoning. "Are you pregnant?" she responded. Good grief! If I am pregnant, you guys will know in good time, okay?! I was a bit flustered, and responded a little too uncertainly, with an "I don't think so." Granny replied, "Have you been exposed?" like fertile males just radiate with potent sperm. Hahahahaha. And so I sit here blogging, documenting the inappropriate remarks on my personal blog. Here at The Office. (Oh, how I'll miss the new JAM moments over the summer....)

22 May 2006

Early retirement for Hubby

Jay has resigned from both his positions at the college: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach and Head Men's Golf Coach. Why would he drop such fun, easy positions, you ask? Because my hubby wants something more, that professional satisfaction and gratification I myself have so desperately been seeking. He will be devoting himself full-time to his homebuilding business, SunView Homes, LLP. (They have a pretty cool website that one of Jay's college buddies did for them.)

I'm really happy for him, because he loves that business: meeting with people, helping them get into a quality house at a reasonable price, being outside a lot (riding his Bobcat and burning stuff, especially!), and working with his best friend (besides me of course), Preston. He and Preston are a great team, a perfect yin and yang. Preston's very logical, but he can also dream big. Jay's very abstract, and has big ideas. Their personal skills are perfect for this kind of sales, too.

BUT, the downside is, now I have to work. This is the first time in my life that my income is actually very necessary. In college, I worked hard and long at the school newspaper, but my income barely paid my monthly cell phone bill, let alone tuition, rent, or other bills. Then after graduation, I got married and Jay was working full-time, we lived in a very affordable rent house (conventiently owned by J's parents), and I was free to pursue writing, school, real estate, whatever caught my fancy. My current education/PR job at the college is my first full-time, professional job sinc e graduation in May of 2004; I've only had this job since December of last year. Reality is finally popping my little dreamworld bubble!

16 May 2006

Check out my photos!

Hey all, I just added a link at right where you can go check out all my recent pictures on Yahoo! Photos.

Graduation weekend!

Tyler graduated from kindergarten last Thursday night, and my sister Amanda graduated from OU last weekend. Congrats to my beautiful sibs!

15 May 2006

JAM moment!

Bear with me dear readers: the following post will have only a contrived and superficial tie to being a newlywed. But I MUST gush about the season finale of The Office. JAM! FINALLY! GOT! TOGETHER! We went from completely heartbreaking in the parking lot, to utter bliss in, where else, the office. Jim's confession to Pam of his true feelings was so true to life, so touching. "I just need you to know. Just once." And Pam looking completely shell-shocked--"What am I supposed to say to that?" and then, giving perhaps a glimpse to her true feelings, "I can't. I can't." So complicated and so touching. The first time I watched it, I was squealing, covering my eyes, shouting at Pam--it was like a scary movie! The second time, I cried! (And I wasn't even PMSing!) Of course, me crying while watching TV translates to Jay as a cue to enter the room. It doesn't matter what show it is, if there is a touching moment, Jay will enter the room and interrupt my little moment of cathartic tears and vicarious emotion. Drat that hubby for scorning my emotion! Anyway, I love that Pam called her mom after THE BIG MOMENT--so realistic. Then the last scene--oh, I melted.

But hold the phones, folks! How on earth can Jim and Pam be a couple when they work together? I'd hate to see one of them quit Dunder-Mifflin so they can be together, but John Krasinski is moving into the realm of film (with six, count 'em, SIX films coming out in the next year!), so will he be leaving his position as sales rep? Who will put Dwight's calculator in a Jell-O mold or move his entire desk and computer into the men's bathroom? Who will make moony eyes at Pam while she whiles away her hours at the reception desk? Never has a comedy had such an effective cliffhanger ending!!

P.S. Sorry Lissa, but this uncertain love affair is waaay better than that annoying, sex-driven relationship of Ross and Rachel!

05 May 2006

In sickness and in health...

Poor J has been sick since Tuesday, and not getting *enough* sympathy from me! Tuesday we were both sick with a stomach virus--we both just slept and made trips to the bathroom all day. Yuck! I was better Tuesday evening, but J has stayed sick! He had it worse than me, and I think he got dehydrated. Yesterday and the day before, I kept asking him, "Are you still sick?" because I didn't think he should be anymore...but I guess he is vindicated now, because last night he came down with a fever and was up half the night. Good thing I had a paper to write, too, so i was up until 1 a.m. to nurse him a little. Poor boy! Look at Ranger; he's such a good puppy--he felt J's pain!