21 February 2006

Husbandly and wifely duties

Jay's duties as husband:
  1. Adjust the thermometer before we get in bed.
  2. Lock the doors before we go to bed.
  3. Take out the trash every Tuesday, and whenever the trash can is visibly overflowing.
  4. Mow the lawn.
  5. Clean the hot tub.

Kim's duties as wife:

  1. Everything else.

Can I get an Amen, wives? You'd think I was telling him he has to drive nails through his own eyes when I ask him to get the trash out to the corner before noon on Tuesday!

17 February 2006

I'm a cover girl!

So that story to the left, the one on the cover (!!) is mine!! I can't believe it! My mom and Diane have both received their copies already, and I'm waiting on pins and needles for my comp copies!!

I suppose I've "made it" as a freelance journalist. That story is definitely a pinnacle. Now I've just got to figure out what story I want to turn into a book, write it, and get it published in the next five years. (That little phrase--"write it"--is so huge.) That's what I feel I need to do to keep moving up.

08 February 2006

Me as a boring teacher!

So today, I tried out what it would be like to be a high school teacher, and let me tell you, it was scary! I spoke at the Silo Career Day about journalism, and those kids mostly looked like they were half-asleep or totally ambivalent toward what I had to say!! However, Steffie, editor at Oklahoma Today, and former high school English teacher, assured me that high school kids can look like that, but actually be soaking it in. I hope so, b/c I was talking my heart out about freelancing and PR!

You're also looking at the next cover story writer for Oklahoma Today magazine!! Steffie just told me today my story on Oklahoma museums is going to be on the cover of the March/April issue!! I'm so pumped!

02 February 2006

My hair is gone!

Hello all!

My looks have drastically changed since yesterday--I chopped my hair off a la Nicole Richie. I love it!!

01 February 2006

Happy birthday, Mama!

Actually, yesterday was my mom's birthday, but I think today would be a good day to write my "Ode to Mother."

Where did I get my pretty face?
My beautiful mom.
How did I get such a smart mouth?
My trash-talking mother.
Why do I believe I can be a writer?
My encouraging, intelligent mom.
Who made me an expert on everything?
My all-knowing mother.
Who brought me into this world and can take me out of it?
My Mommy.
Why do I love to go home again?
My mother.