10 November 2008

DWTS: They're bringin' crazyback

What a great night of dancing! The solos were a bit overpromoted, considering what they actually came down to, and I prefer not having quite so many different kinds of dances, but all the stars really stepped it up, with the exception, of course, of Brooke "Don't You Just Hate Her?" Burke.

I bet Lance's self-esteem suffered another massive blow, what with Len finally stating the reason Sir Lancealot has trouble looking smooth while he's dancing: he's pigeon-toed! Yikes; that's kind of like Tyra Banks telling an ANTM contestant she's a hunchback! (and no, I don't watch that show...anymore). It's like, you're actually struggling against your biologic make-up to win this competition and defeat all your crippling insecurities.

I don't understand why Julianne's extra week out wasn't even mentioned until after Cody and Edyta's dance, before their scores were revealed. Good grief, when Marie Osmond fainted, that clip was shown a hundred times, and for several eps after, both hosts had to make some kind of comment on it. The only person who mentioned Cody dancing with a new partner was Carrie Ann after their dance. Julianne is just as important to me as any of these stars, and I'll feel really bad for her and Cody if he's eliminated before they get to dance again. Whew, that was tough to say all that without one sarcastic remark!

Warren finally got me back into my turbo-grin mode during his dances. Crazy-fast footwork on the jive, and I can't remember anything about his tango right now except that it was good!

Here's what's annyoing to me about these judges: they give great reviews immediately after the dance; no specific criticism, and then they all give 8's. That seemed to be the case with Cody's foxtrot and both of Maurice's dances! Those boys just can't seem to win! I hate it when it gets to this pointin the show, b/c one of them is going home, and neither one really seem to deserve it!

And then, Miss Perfect gets out there, does a solo in which THE JUDGES CAN'T SEE HER FEET, and almost gets dropped on her head TWICE on those crazy moves Derek gave her, but they just rave about it--except for Len, the voice of reason. The way he stated his reasons sounded a bit unfair, like he was holding her to a higher standard, but I really thought I saw some mess-ups out there, which Carrie Ann and Bruno didn't comment on in all their raptures.

On the solos: I really thought these were not so much a display of the stars' dancing abilities, but a comparison of the pros' choreography skills. Lance's and Cody's looked almost like improv, sloppy and all over the place, while Warren's, Maurice's, and Brooke's were choreographed to really fit into the dance and play to the stars' strengths.

Best solo: Warren, hands down. Although I did enjoy Maurice's, it didn't seem to require much skill.
My votes went to: NO ONE, b/c all of a sudden the ABC website needs Flash for me to vote, and my comp is not taking to Flash for some reason...and I thought I already had that? Anyway, come on ABC! Aren't I an American? Don't I have the right to have my say? I call this technological discrimination!
Encore prediction: Warren and Kym's tango
Ouster prediction: Maurice and Cheryl? I don't know; that's really just my hope, for Julianne's sake.

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Amanda said...

-brooke's solo where the judges couldn't even see it.
-specific criticsm