05 November 2008

The Head shall bobble no more

What a gracious loser she was! I'm so glad it wasn't Cody; that would have been totally unfair. Poor Edyta! To take your partner from top half of the leaderboard to dead last in one week flat can't be good for your self-esteem, no matter how hot you are. Although, truthfully, Cody's--along with the rest of Team Cha-Cha--positions were very skewed by the terribleness of Susan.

Edyta and Alec...smokin' rumba (did I get that one right?)!

And loved the shot of Bruno rocking out to Lionel Ritchie. You had to know he's a Lionel fan.

Kenny Mayne is getting a little too full of himself, if you ask me. DanceCenter used to be hilarious; it's getting a little old now. Jerry Rice should take over. Now HE is funny!

Hey, both my predictions were right this week! Go me! Although tonight's decisions were really no-brainers.

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Amanda said...

i was totally going to leave a comment about being disappointed with dancecenter! i used to laugh so hard at it. jerry rice is the other guy btw.

i felt kinda bad for edyta too. i think julianne is one of the best pros, so she has big shoes to fill.

i love the picture of you, claire, and jay to the side. look like such a handsome family! its really nice. can't wait to see you this wkd!