24 November 2008

DWTS: It all comes down to this!

As always, the season finale is great fun to watch. For once, this season's off-kilter format served the show well: A group dance with lengthy solos seems appropriate for the finale, and as always, the freestyles are tons of fun, if not also a bit frightening at times.

To me, the freestyles can be more scary than fun if the lifts seem dangerous. This was the case a couple times for me for Brookek and Kym and Warren. And geez, why can't Lancey catch a break? Len gives Kym and Warren a 10 for entertainment--what was Lancey's dance if it wasn't entertaining? Especially if you love to rock out to Tricky, as Len apparently does.

So is anyone else a tad disappointed with this season? I mean, this time last year, Kristi was getting I think her second 60/60, with her dances being knock-your-socks-off fraktastic. She was a season-long leader, but she continued upping her game with every dance. And wasn't Joey from *NSYNC in second? He was such fun to watch! This season, we get the ever-gracious, but somehow not-so-entertaining Brooke, perhaps because she doesn't seem to have gotten much better than she was at the beginning. And then Lance, who is kind of a Cinderella story, but not really, because let's not forget he has probably 10 years of training in choreographed dance! That doesn't make for a very good underdog. Warren would be, but he never has taken his dancing up to a level truly comparable with Lance or Brooke as far as footwork and content.

In short, where's the rise to greatness, the joie de vivre, the X factor? I'm wondering if perhaps the afore-mentioned shaken-up format has something to do with it. Perhaps it's because we haven't been able to compare all the dancers as we used to when the whole group did only two dances per show, one Latin and one ballroom? Did that format help display the dancers' growth and skills better? This season, we've gotten a hodge-podge of dances every performance show, with these stagey smackdown comments between the pair of stars doing the same dance.

I don't know...In any case, something seems to be missing this season, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Suggestions?

This season's DWTS champ: A part of me would like to see Lance defeat Brooke--it would seem like the closet-trapped musical geek beating out Ms. Popular. But then you gotta remember Ms. Popular tried something new here, while the former boy-bander has oodles of experience. In the end, I think it will go to the deserving and delightful Brooke and Derek (really, I'm speaking mostly about the latter, who is quickly approaching Maks as my fave male dancer).

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Amanda said...

was rather anticlimatic. i enjoyed the group dance a lot.
and i was really scared a couple of times in brooke's freestyle!