03 November 2008

DWTS mayhem!

Ah, DWTS, how I love thee, let me count the ways, in High School Musical style:

  1. Fabulous! The unheard-of level of ridiculousness in costumes (Susan's long fringe that covered her frontal area...weird and a little bit gross).
  2. Getcha head in the game: The intensity with which the stars approach this: someone has gotten injured almost every week (this week, it was Maurice), and yet they continue and dance their hearts out (with the exception of the tragic loss of Misty May and Maks, of course.).
  3. Work this out: The pros and stars always seem so lovey-dovey on the live show, but it's delicious to see the drama that goes into those performances. (Although Lacey was a bit harsh on Lance: Griping at him for being in pain? Ouch.)
  4. We're all in this together: The team dance was actually kind of a fun addition to this cuh-razy season! I like seeing the dancers help each other and have confidence and pride in their team. Although didja see Edyta and Cody and Lance and Lacy watching Tony and Susan rehearse. That didn't look too much like confidence!
  5. Scream!: The judges often make me crazy, but tonight, Len showed that he's not trying to haze Lacey, but she just might be trying to make a name for herself on the show by rebelling at every opportunity. He didn't like her choice to go barefoot (which, I didn't really either, considering it seemed painful for Lance), but he praised their more straightforward cha-cha. Lance and Lacey's whining about the judges not liking "their style" is wearing on my nerves. (I saw Lance on Chelsea Lately the other night, and he said he thought the judges were trying to haze Lacey as the new kid on the block. Whatever...)
Other thoughts:

That group paso was pretty freakin' awesome. But was it really perfect? Or was it just awesome compared to the sloppy-joe cha-cha?

Shouldn't the judges have cut Cody and Edyta some slack? Geez Louise, it wasn't that bad! He was the low scorer of the night, which doesn't really seem fair, considering he had one week to get to know and work with Edyta. Remember that before the show ever begins, the stars and pros rehearsed together for five weeks, and this week, Edyta had to teach Cody two dances!

I kind of agreed with the judges on Warren and Kym's foxtrot. At the beginning of the season, his moves were astoundingly quick and goofy-giggle inducing, but now he just seems a bit slow, a bit more wooden.

The Head remains fragile as the Precious Moments doll she so closely resembles. When Tony dips or twirls her, she looks like she's getting jerked around like a rag doll!

My votes went to: Cody and Edyta (3, not b/c they were the best, but b/c his bottom-of-the-leaderboard ranking was totally unfair), Brooke and Derek (1), Maurice and Cheryl (1), Lance and Lacey (1)

Predicted encore: the team paso

Predicted ouster: The Head, you have bobbled your last.

Since I'm at the bottom of a guilty-pleasure post, I'll go ahead and further shame myself by saying that HSM3 was lots of fun, and I'm super-excited that Twilight tickets went on sale today! November 21, here we come!


Amanda said...

right on sis. nice analysis. and your predictions are on point. i second them

Elizabeth said...

If Susan makes it another round, I may have to quit watching. I won't. But, I'm just sayin'.

Amanda said...

forgot to comment your incorporation of hsm. too much!