31 October 2006

Theobromine Schmeobromine

That big word is the medical term for intestinal poisoning from chocolate--you know, the old "Don't give your dog chocolate; it'll kill 'em" thing. Well, turns out our rangy mutt Ranger has super-dog chocolate resistance powers! He really is a terrible dog, but just so lovable! Anyway, I had a Wal-Mart sack of Halloween candy sitting in a kitchen table chair, and I must have knocked it off into the floor when I grabbed my purse and ran out the door for Sunday night church. Ranger was in the house, and of course, discoverd this sack. When we came home, I found one large Kit-Kat bag completely empty--no wrappers, nothing. Just tiny bits of milk chocolate and cookie scattered across the rug. He ate the entire bag, wrappers and all; it had to have been two pounds of chocolate at least!!

I read on Wikipedia today about Theobromine poisoning, and it said that it would take a little over a pound of milk chocolate to make a 44lb dog sick. Well, Ranger probably weighs about 60lbs, and he is none worse for the wear after this little chocolate experiment! He even ate ravenously the next morning! And actually, just so all you pet owners know, the American Veterinary Medical Association says that chocolate rarely causes actual death, usually just temporary stomach problems. Still yet, does anyone really want to share their chocolate? Not me!

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Anonymous said...

ranger....what a pig