09 October 2006

My first baby dream!

Well, I'd read that moms-to-be often have very vivid dreams, and sometimes even dream about their baby! Well I did that last night, and it was pure bliss! It was a beautiful, blond baby boy! I remember thinking last night before I went to sleep about how we'll have to start keeping the dogs out of the house more once baby arrives, and sure enough, my dream was about me trying to keep the dogs away from our little boy! His name was vague; I remember thinking it was a combination of Sam and Austin--Weird, huh? Samston? Aussam? Ha! I hope I don't get crazy in my third tri and start making up wacky names!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

perhaps it was both names..one being the first and one being the middle. all of your talk of names has made me start thinking of names I like, oh the unthinkable, the singleton with fav names picked out...