16 October 2006

Fun, relaxing weekend

Jay and I actually went out to eat this weekend! We went with this couple Jay is building a house for to this really neat restaurant in McKinney called Genghis Grill. You make your own stir-fry: pick your meat, seasoning, veggies, sauce, and noodles/rice, and then the dudes (I wouldn't call them chefs) cook it all up for you on the grill. I tried to use one of their recipe cards--Thai Chicken--and went a little overboard on the dragon salt--I was breathing fire! This was the ideal restaurant for Jay, as he loves to do all the fun stuff in the kitchen, and then have someone else actually put it together and clean up afterward. Ha! The restaurant was definitely trial-and-error, but fun nonetheless.

On the pregnancy front, I have hit the 3 months mark! My pants are getting tighter, and it's becoming more difficult to sleep. It's just weird getting used to this sudden, extra girth around my middle that makes it impossible to sleep on my belly, my favorite way to sleep. Also, I sleep on my back a lot, and that's unsafe for the baby after your first trimester, I read. Anway, somebody call the Whaa-mbulance for me, right?

Fall Break this weekend! I'm going to study, study, study for my English teaching certification exam, which is only two weeks from this weekend! Yikes!

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Lissa said...

We just found out Elliott's cousin is pregnant with her second baby and she has your same due date!!