12 October 2006

Second prenatal appointment

Well, as I'd mentioned before, the dissipation of my morning sickness had me a little worried. I didn't feel pregnant anymore! But rest assured; I'm still pregnant! I went to the dr. yesterday, and heard the baby fig's heartbeat!! It was amazing!

I get to have my *big* ultrasound in 6wks. That's when the doc will check out the organs, and we should learn the gender! SO excited!! I'm so ready to start planning the nursery, names, and buying clothes and books and toys!! (I know I'll get a lot at showers, but the possibility of shopping in the baby department is absolutely thrilling!) Registries!! Hurray for registering for gifts at Target and Wal-Mart!

I also had another baby dream last night. It was much less linear and understandable than my last one: In this one, I was racing through Wal-Mart I think, pulling along one of our preacher's sons, who's 7, with me. We reached some sort of bar & grill / ticket buying place, and I was trying to buy tickets for an OU game on this kiosk thing (inside a Wal-Mart!). Anyway, I left the boy with this table of boys I knew while I messed with the kiosk a few feet away. During that time, the boy somehow became my baby, named Daniel. Another boy dream!! I remember looking over at the little boy-child, so amused to see these young guys holding him so gently, and so proud of my little baby!

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