23 October 2006

12 weeks bump!

Well, here's my bump! I can't believe I'm already showing, but I definitely am. I'm going to do some scrapbook pages of pregnancy, showers, etc., so I'll probably take pics at every trimester at least.

I had a good fall break; can't believe it's over already! I studied for about 11 hours for the English OSAT, which is in two weeks, and Jay went hunting two or three times. Bought some maternity clothes, and saw a really good movie, The Prestige.


Lissa said...

You look adorable!!!

Audrey said...

Aww, how cute! I felt like I was showing about 11 weeks. Good idea with the sign. I took a picture every Sunday night (when I went into a new week). However, I didn't keep track of the pics when I had them developed and they got all mixed up. You look great! What is the date for the ultrasound?