30 October 2006

Scarily Good Weekend!

This weekend was strikingly similar to last weekend, at least Saturday was: STUDY TIME! Friday night, though, we did something kind of fun: Jay and I went to the annual Coleman Halloween carnival--this year it kind of meant something for Kyle, my younger brother, because the seniors run the big money-making activity of the night: Bingo! So we played some bingo--unfortunately, we went home empty-handed, although I did get to shout Bingo! one time, courtesy of my red Power Ranger youngest brother, Tyler. The very first game we sat down to together, he got five right across the middle! He was so surprised, he could only sputter, Bingo? So I had to holler it for him. His prize? One of the dubious grab bags, filled with all the reject stuff the stores gave my brother and his compadres: two VHS tapes of five-year-old movies, an audio cassette of Robert Plant, some Sundowner mugs, some Sonic gift certificates, and a Big Red soda. Ty enjoyed the Big Red soda, and was glad to see he got a replacement copy of Spiderman, since they lost their DVD of it. Mom bingoed, too, although a bit anticlimactically: one of her best friends was sitting next to her, so of course she was chattering away and trying to catch all the numbers at the same time. She lacked one number to Bingo, and said, Oh, just this number left! And then looked at her friend's board, and that number had been called already! She missed it! But she still bingoed in time, and won another grab bag.

Saturday was spent cleaning house and reading snippets of Chaucer, Donne, Milton, Swift, Wordsworth, Keats, and of course, Shakespeare. Fun! I have decided I like American lit much better than Brit Lit, with the exception of Shakespeare, who is lots of fun, I think. Give me Poe, Thoreau, Dickenson, Whitman, Steinbeck, and Hemingway anyday over those others! Unfortunately, Senior English is usually Brit Lit, so that means Beowulf, all that rigidly structured poetry, and Shakespeare, who will offer some relief.

Baby update: My next prenatal appointment is next week, and the big ultrasound where I find out the sex and see if he/she's healthy is two weeks after that. I can't wait!

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