06 October 2006

Boomer Sooner!

Well, I always get excited for OU/Texas weekend, not so much for the game, but for the fun get-together my family usually has. Uncle Danny and Aunt Neila fly in from Indiana to go the game every year, so we ususally see them the day before or after, and Uncle Matt and Aunt Michelle drive down from the OKC area and leave their three girls with us for the weekend while they jaunt on down to Dallas! So we'll gather at my mom's house tomorrow for some game-watching, visiting, snacking, and playing. Check out my cooking blog for the dishes I'll be bringing. Today, I got a little jolt of Sooner pride when the Pride of Oklahoma did a performance at SOSU! The director, Brian Britt, is a Durant High alumn, and his parents both worked at SOSU for years. It was so fun; I forgot how exhilirating it is! I did feel kind of weird being the only person who knew all the words to the chant, all the moments to shout "OU!" and "Go big red!" and to hold my right index finger proudly in the air during the chant. (How can anyone be so disrespectful as to NOT do that?!!) Oh, and of course yell "Sooners" at the end of the national anthem over "brave" (as in "land of the....Sooners!") When I first heard that, I thought it was a tad disrespectful, and usually didn't do it at games, but today, I felt compelled to show my Sooner pride!

Jay's very excited because bow season started five days ago. He hasn't gone yet, but he's going tomorrow morning. Thus begins my season of widowhood. No, it's not that bad--he'll go three or four mornings a week for the next few months, and then he'll take one trip to Kansas for three or four days during black powder season. That's the only part that really leaves me a "hunting season widow."

Well, as I posted last time, I was thinking my morning sickness going away around week 9 was kind of weird, but it's back now. It's very mild though. I left work yesterday for it, mostly because I felt extremely tired, and a little queasy. So regular snacking and resting are back on the agenda for me.

Boomer Sooner!

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Lissa said...

Wish we were there too! We're having a little Indiana Boomer Sooner party here...just me, Ell, Caleb, and Theresa!