09 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch Torture Session!

Claire and I went with the other Kim Mauck, her daughter Katelyn, Kim's sister Krista and her daughter Briley, and two of Krista's friends to a pumpkin patch in Celina on Wednesday. I thought it was fun, but I kinda think Claire thought it was torture. At her age, it's hard to take that much in.
As soon as she got used to the goats...

...it was time to move on to the pumpkin picture sessions, where she thought it was her job to try to steer her way out of the pumpkins blocking her way.

Then she spied the little tractor, which she loved:

We tried a photo op with she and Katelyn, but this didn't last long. Claire was so focused on getting a hold on that steering wheel that she was scooting Katelyn off!

We also took a hay ride, which she seemed to enjoy, except she kept trying to jump over the side to get to the pumpkin patch. When we got to the pumpkin patch, she caught sight of the tractor pulling the trailer full of hay and kids, and started fussing and pointing to get back on there! Then, the first pumpkin she sees and walks up to is surrounded in an ant bed! Another mom and I had to rake and rake at her pants, take off her shoes, and roll up her pants to pick every last one off.
But I think Claire enjoyed Chick-Fil-A and Target afterward, as always.


Kim said...

Your pics turned out great. I will forward you the group one. I am glad you and Claire were able to join us.

Amanda said...

hahah. enjoyed your post. claire's face in the 2nd picture cracked me up. kind of summed up your post best i think.