07 October 2008

I watched a whole hour for NOTHING?!

Seriously, did DWTS just wait until the LAST FIVE MINUTES of the elimination show to tell us NO ONE would be eliminated? What the heck? I guess they figured most viewers would be like me, who, although hard-core, would not watch if there wasn't an elimination at the end of the show. Because really, who really needs to see Kool and the Gang perform or a mostly scripted package of what each non-pro thinks his or her special strength is? (Where the heck is Kenny Mayne's DanceCenter?) HOWEVER, I am kind of glad I watched, b/c I did enjoy the Jennifer Hudson/Derek and Julianne duet! Flowed like butt-ah!

Also, how cute was Maks and Edyta's jive? And I've never seen a schoolgirl skirt show butt cleavage, so that was interesting. I have a feeling Edyta had some changes made from Misty May's costume, such as the addition of her new fave kind of leg-warmers, the floaty ones that don't warm her legs at all.

The lowest combined score belonged to Rocco and Karina, the second-lowest on the judges' leaderboard. Not surprising, and even less climactic since he will actually live to see another week of cheesy food analogies (pun intended!).

Thanks to my sister, who alerted me to the fact that Susan "The Head" Lucci (Lissa's nickname, ha!) did NOT have the lowest score. I don't know why I thought she was lowest! Sorry guys, and please correct me when I'm wrong (although I'll try not to be from now on!).

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Lissa said...

I SO thought that would happen, and so I flipped back and forth between that and Biggest Loser Families. (It's not like I should be packing or cleaning house or helping my husband fix our water heater...long story). Anyway yeah ridiculous that it took an hour and did anyone else notice how incredibly weird Samantha's hair looked?