06 October 2008

DWTS Shocker!

Finally, DWTS has actual breaking news, and they drag it out until the end of the show! Because they kept saying Misty May will be here to give us more info, I thought, "Oh, she'll be back next week like Christian did last season with his wrist or they would tell us at the beginning." Nope, it was a bombshell they put off until the end of the show. I guess it might have put a damper on all the other dances. Poor Maks! Actually, no poor me for not getting to watch Maks! However, where the heck was he in the video of Misty struggling with the pain? I'm betting he was telling her to walk it off. Does this mean the season will be one week shorter? It seems like they shouldn't eliminate anyone this week, just to be fair.

However, I wouldn't mind seeing Cloris go. There's a certain degree to which I enjoy seeing an entertainer who is physically incapable of technique almost make up for it with entertainment. Marie Osmond, Adam Corolla, they were passable and good for a laugh. But I really feel more scared than entertained when I watch Cloris dance. What's going to break? What's going to slip? Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Seriously, with all of Edyta's skimpy outfits, I never feel as frightened of a wardrobe malfunction as I do when I watch Cloris. Tonight, we had one, albeit not a scary one: her wig came off. Also, she showed her bloomers to the world by raising her legs in the air while lying on her back for an unseemly amount of time. But I tell ya, she keeps me laughing with her red-room antics. I loved when she appeared from off-camera when Cody Linley commented that older women have been telling him they liked his rumba.

Okay seriously y'all, is Brooke Burke really that good? The judges drool over her, acting like she's the best non-pro they've ever seen on the show. I don't know, to me, she's lacking the entertainment factor. Kinda like Donald Braswell, a singer who got fourth place on America's Got Talent: yeah, he's got talent, but when he's on stage, I just want to go to sleep!

I'd much rather watch Warren Sapp, who the judges have also adopted as their pet, or even Maurice Greene, who I think the judges are unnecessarily hard on.

Lance and Lacie, coming in this week with the disrespect to the elders! Geez, lay off Len and Cloris already! Is it just me, or are they a little too huggy-kissy? I suppose gay guys think they have license to PDA girls all they want since there's no danger of leading them on.

I still don't see why the judges are so hard on Rocco! I suppose there's a little thing called technique that I can't judge based on my experience of watching the show for five seasons.

Cody, keep your tongue in your mouth.

Susan, make another facial expression beside Stepford-wife smile while you're dancing.

Toni, you're awesome. I, too, was the girl the kids argued over which team had to take her today. Loved the outfit.

New feature of my DWTS write-up: My votes and predictions!

My votes this week: Rocco, Maurice, and Warren
Predicted encore: Brooke and Derek. *head nodding, eyes drooping*
Danced her last DWTS dance: Cloris

I could say so much more, but really, would you read it? And really, aren't I just procrastinating doing more important things? No and yes.


Amanda said...

i had to log on right after i finished watching the show for the great commentary!

i agree with you largely, except brooke burke's dance literally brought tears to my eyes. i thought it was so pretty! am i an emotional freak? perhaps.

also enjoyed warren very much. him and kym are getting suspiciously friendly/lovey dovey. this could be an interesting development.

i think the judges are being so hard on: maurice, cody (agreed on tongue tho), and rocco. i like all 3 and they are all trying so hard!

Lissa said...

I agree about Cloris. Her time is up. BUT I'm thinking that they won't take anyone off this week...
I call Susan "the head". Her head is way big and she, to me, always looks unnatural in her face.
I really like Toni.

Elizabeth said...

I'm still in love with Warren and Kym. And I'm sorry, Brooke shows absolutely NO emotion in her dancing. I wouldn't be dissapointed if she left.