23 October 2008

Claire's Vocab

Claire is learning new words every single day, it seems. Today, she started saying "tractor"! I took her over to Jay's giant lawnmower (we don't really have a tractor) and we sat on it for a while, me reading and her jerking the steering wheel, pulling levers back and forth, and removing and inserting the key. Good times! Then when Daddy got home, she said tractor (tactor) to him, and he took her for a ride on it, and then on the four-wheeler! She went to bed early tonight!

Other words in her vocab:

  • "airplane" (when she hears the rumbling in the sky, or sometimes when she hears a lawnmower)
  • horse ("orse")
  • orange ("orsh")
  • blue, red, yellow (wah-woh) when we practice colors with her crayons
  • attempts at counting to five (she points to things and says "two", "five," "four")
  • apple (all round fruits are apples)
  • Bible
  • Shadow (sounds a lot like yellow--dah-woh)--She's taken to following him anywhere outside--sniffing out mice, out to the edge of the fence to do his business, over to the neighbor's fence to say hello to their dogs. I'll tell her to come back over, and she always responds with "Wah-woh," and points to Shadow, as though he's watching her.
  • lots of names: Stuart, Mary, Cassie, Amber, Gigi
  • Her favorite word is defintely "No." Although her real answer is sometimes "yes."

Yet I still can't get her to say anything but bah-bah for paci. It's a little confusing come naptime or bedtime.

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Audrey said...

Way to go Claire! That's great!