12 October 2008

Family Fun (despite OU loss!)

You just can't keep we Pannells from having lots of fun and eating lots of food when we get together, even if our beloved Sooners can't pull out the win against Texas. Boo. We had a wild weekend going back and forth between here and Coleman, but not near as wild as our Indiana and Kansas Pannells' weekend of two six-hour or 15-hour drives!

Claire discovers she can work the Sit 'n' Spin by herself. Everyone is amazed.

Claire plays school with Ms. Jenny, Mattie, and Tyler during the OSU game later that night. (If you like her adorable maribou feather bow, you can order one from Audrey's Etsy shop, Lady Jane Bowtique!)

Sunday after church, we try in vain to get a pic of all the cute little girls: Molly (four months), Emma (two and a half), Claire, and Allie (three and a half).

Other highlights from this weekend include:
  1. Aunt Michelle's honeybun cake (YUM!).
  2. Watching the first hour and half of the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice with Dani Rose.
  3. Seeing Claire go to Uncle Matt and Uncle Danny for the first time (In her defense, she's only seen Uncle Danny twice, and Uncle Matt is a bit scary. He was responsible for many of my nightmares as a child, what with his scary stories about a bear eating the head off a child, trying to force me to eat a licorice rat, biting my heels mercilessly, and being accused of stealing his Acutane.)
  4. Learning all the dirt on Barack Obama that FOXNews has dug up, courtesy Uncle Matt, who in turn received a hearty scolding from my mom on his taste for imbalanced media.
  5. Mine and Aunt Penny's caramel corn (YUM!). Will post on coooking blog--it's another Paula recipe, and it's SPECTACULAR.
  6. But my favorite has to be visiting with everyone, especially my long-lost cousin, Lissa, a super-mom, flutist, composer of fantastic musical programs, music teacher, private flute instructor, marathon runner, happy cooker, blogger, and all-around Christian gal!


Holly said...

Good times with the fam!!! I love it!!! :)

Lissa said...

AWWW I got a little teary when I read that! :)
What an awesome weekend, despite the sad game. (Um and can you believe TX is now ranked #1?????)
I loved seeing you too! I wish I got to visit with all of you girls more often.
Elliott and I talked about how cute Claire was on our way home...oh my goodness, in that little jean jacket running around saying BAH! BAH! Adorable!!