01 October 2008

I thought you had her! I thought you had her!

Uh-oh, we had one of those moments last night! I was folding laundry while watching the DWTS results show and Jay was working in the office. I heard water running in Claire's bathroom and though, "Hmm that's nice, Jay's giving Claire her bath tonight."

I finished folding, picked up the living room, and watched Kim K get the boot. Water ran continuously for a while, and then came on and off in spurts, and I didn't think anything of this, as Jay likes to give Claire whatever she wants, and she often requests more water while in the tub.

Then I hear Claire saying "Mama, mama, mama," like 10 times in a row. I figured Jay was still trying to bathe her, or he would get her out if she got really distressed, and didn't answer. Then she started up again. I finally said, "Claire, it's okay baby, Mama's in here." She got quiet for a few seconds, and then started up again! By this time, I was getting kind of ticked at Jay, thinking, why doesn't he finish the bath and get her out, she sounds pretty distressed? Then I thought, I bet he's wanting me to come in there and finish bathing her (he doesn't like washing her hair; he's so afraid of getting soap in her eyes). So I just said, "Claire, you're okay, Mama's in here," again.

Then she started up again, so I switched from mommy voice to wife voice and yelled, "Jay, why don't you get her out and bring her in here?" He said, "Huh?"


I ran to the bathroom to find Claire perched on the edge of the counter beside the guest bathroom sink. She had climbed up on top of the toilet, then up on top of the counter! She's climbed on top of the toilet seat a couple times before, and leaned over to run water from there, but never climbed up on the counter! She was wet and a little scared, but not scared enough to cry.

Bragging mom alert: I was pretty proud that she just called for me and didn't try to get down or panic.

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