28 September 2008

The Office: My wishes all granted!

Ha! I just read my last post and realized I got ALL of the things I asked for from the season premiere! The return of Dwangela, although a little too down and dirty for me, Michael in a slightly deflated sumo suit (got that one from the previews; loved "I sit, I sit, I sit on you!"), a surprisingly soon proposal (yay, no dragging it out, Friends-style!), and a delightful dash of Darrell ("Y'all lost four pounds. Maybe we should have a parade.").

Lissa reminded me of one of the funniest parts that I MUST mention: Andy's Angela-ela-ela, to the tune of summer's most overplayed song "Umbrella." Hilario (a Kyle word).

Also, I must give a shout-out to Emily and Elizabeth, neither of whom I have met in person, but with whom I now share the bond of DWTS. Your comments delight me and make me feel more sane!


Lissa said...

I loved it too!
We all agreed that Andy is becominng more likeable! Angela-ela-ela-ela went through the Nertz table several times at our festivities this weekend. (Dad, Mom, Allie, Cale, Trace, and O were all here!)
It's official...we're coming for OU-TX weekend! I'm hoping to get me some Claire-lovin!! :) And some Kim-lovin!!
And the proposal...how perfect was it! I loved it!
You've kinda gotten me into DWTS, altho I'm not a die hard fan like you. Do you like Amazing Race at all?

Lissa said...

We'll watch in coleman...Ell and my dad are going to the game. I think we'll be around (Caddo and Coleman) Friday evening to Sunday evening. We'll drive to Mom and Dad's Thurs. night and drive with them.