23 September 2008

DWTS Elimination

Whoever thought of this two-hour long elimination show in which no one knows when or if they're dancing should be made to endure the same. You practice so hard, get all made up and dressed up, and then have to sweat it out in the spotlight for two hours? Terrible!

Even so, Kim Kardashian had NO EXCUSE for that ridiculous performance. She got to dance to "Baby Got Back" with that ghetto booty of hers, and she couldn't even pop that thing out when Mark Ballas was twirling her booty fringes. That was the prissiest mambo I have ever seen.

Other thoughts:

Maks is awesome for making Misty May look so awesome. His daring choreography and hard-core training paid off! Where did those hips come from?

Rocco is so cute! But Karina's mini-Big Bird outfit was not doing it for me.

Cloris Leachman may be an old lady, but she is a nasty pottymouth! Did you see her grab Corky's crotch? Gross!

Warren Sapp and Maurice Green are so equally lovable and fun to watch, I can't decide which bald black athlete I like better!

And last but not least, is it just me, or is Susan Lucci's head way too big for her body? That's why she looks so fragile; she has to keep her head balanced just right to keep from tipping over!



Elizabeth said...

Hi! I've found your blog through my friend, Brooke. I love DWTS too. And I love your follow-up commentaries. My faves this season are Misty May (can I please have those arms?) and Warren. Kim has GOT to go!

Emily said...

Seriously, what is up with Kim Kardashian? I expected so much more from her. I personally love Warren Sapp.

Liz, I should have known you would comment on a DWTS post.

Amanda said...

"i am strong!" lucci. gag. she is so phoney baloney.

kim k is shy, give her a break! being on tv doing something scantily clothed and athletic?! she has no experience......well. no love, same name??

cloris is annooooying. send her home!!!

my current fav: rocco (karina needs to get just a teaspoon of his happiness).