25 September 2008

Kim K does not deserve DWTS!

I'm still so ticked that "Mambo McGinley" got the boot over Miss Priss. Seriously, as much as I love Mark Ballas' crazy facial expressions, I would much rather watch Ted McGinley be funny and gracious and surprised at how much he enjoys this than Kim K prance around. To quote Dwight about the new HR person Holly, "She's just so awful in her stupidness."

The Office season premiere tonight! I'm hoping for the return of Dwangela, Michael in a fat suit leading some awkward meeting, and of course, the engagement of Jim and Pam! I would also like a dash of Darrell, please!

Sorry my posts have been so TV-related lately. This is an exciting time of year for me! Just be glad I haven't been posting my rants on America's Got Talent or musings on Ugly Betty.

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Emily said...

I knew I had to read your blog to hear what you said! I agree!!