01 September 2008

Labor Day weekend (so far)

We had a great weekend with family! We won't talk about Friday, because that was the night Jay got called in to work at the Burger Shoppe at 7 p.m. when I was already dressed and made-up to go eat dinner! It's never good when Hub calls while you're in the middle of applying mascara and says, "Babe, you're going to be mad at me." I tried my best to be understanding, though.
Anyway, Saturday, Claire and I went to Coleman to spend time with Dani Rose and baby Molly, along with my other pregnant cousins, Dave and his wife Liz. Also all the usual Coleman Pannells. Good food and family time and an OU game that wasn't much of a game!
Sunday, Jay gave the lesson at Coleman, so we went back out there for church, lunch, and a little swimming (that's the pic)! Jay did a great job btw, but he was so nervous! He hasn't preached in a long time.
In Claire news, her Elmo addiction is starting to become ridiculous! She has learned how to turn on the TV using the remote, and loves to turn it on and request "Eh-mo?" She likes Sesame Street okay, but she really doesn't have much patience for it unless Elmo is on. Then she's pretty much transfixed.

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Lissa said...

You look like Audrey Hepburn in that pic, Kim!
We're seriously considering coming for OU TX weekend. Will you guys be around??
Claire is getting so big! What other words does she say?