09 April 2007

New name poll

We're narrowing down our to-the-hospital name list, and the new poll shows about where we are with that. I'm pretty much set on waiting until we've seen our baby girl until we name her, but we're still testing out names on my belly all the time. Jay likes to call her by a name with his hand on my belly to see how she responds.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! Jay and I did--we spent Saturday at my Nana and Grandad's house, eating, hiding eggs, shooting hoops, playing Boggle, and visiting. I posted the recipe for the Paula Deen banana pudding I brought over on my cooking blog.

I'll be full-term this week--37 weeks--which means it's basically okay for me to go into labor anytime!


Anonymous said...

You know now that every time there is a lag in posting people are going to think...is she in labor?? :) It gets pretty old! In the last couple of weeks, when I called Mom and Dad, a few times Dad would answer with, "Are you in labor?"

Anonymous said...

I'm still going for Caroline Claire!! :)