17 April 2007

38wks dr. appt

No, I'm not in labor yet, everyone! People keep acting surprised to see me still moving around and going about my business. What else am I supposed to do? I already anticipate a long week of baby prep activities/resting next week! That's right, Friday is my last day at work for six wonderful weeks of maternity leave!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything was good and normal, except for I'm now tipping the scales at 160!! That's about a 33lb gain, which is still normal, but that number is just a little too close to Jay's weight for me! Sleep is really difficult at this point, and my first-trimester fatigue is back with a vengeance. Good thing I've got so many TV shows to watch, so that I can get all my relaxing in (Dancing with the Stars, LOST, America's Next Top Model, The Office, Survivor!).

I have an ultrasound Thursday to check Little Bell's position and weight. I talked to the doc about pain medication options yesterday: IV drugs, epidural, walking epidural. My plan as of now is to just go in and see how I handle contractions without drugs, and make the decision whether or not to get the walking epidural by the time I'm dilated to a 6. After that, it could be too late.

My search for a teaching job for this fall continues--I was really hoping to have one secured before I have the baby, so it's not a source of stress for me during the first months of her life. I've sent resume packets to 12 schools, had one interview, been to a job fair, and talked to three more administrators on the phone or in person after I heard they had openings. Still nothing! I tell you, it's frustrating to get so much praise from professors and employers and be assured by them and by administrators that I'm sure to get a job, but not have one! Ah well, many schools wait to make these decisions until after the school year is over. At least I won't have to rely on my maternity interview suit anymore!

Jay is staying busy playing on dozers, burning worksite trash, and playing pool with customers. What a life! No, these are just his highlights that I hear about. He and his partner Preston are also considering marketing a trash-compacting trailer Preston invented for their trash business, exploring restaurant ideas as another business possibility, finishing up a custom home, and moving forward on the big development in Ardmore. There are stories on the news about every week about Ardmore's rapid commercial and population growth and/or housing shortage, so I'm looking forward to that development--Lost Creek--turning some profits!

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