03 April 2007

Baby shower pics!

Consider the first pic my 36wks belly shot. Yes, I've gotten to the point where I can no longer pull off those cute little tummy-hugging tops--rocking the belly is not something I want to do anymore, so I'm into strictly empire waists, baby-doll dreses as tops, etc.

The second pic is of me and Ty and the lovely shower the ladies at my work had for me yesterday, complete with an adorable cake by the lady who did our wedding cake, and Paula Deen sherbet punch! Yum!

I had my 36wks dr. appt yesterday, and the news is no news: Her heartbeat was normal and healthy, and I'm not dilated or effaced at all, but the doc still said to just be ready, because the baby could decide to come any time, really. Not based on physical signs I don't think; just how far along I am. Yikes! Better pack my hospital bag! I have not yet felt any Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I think I might have dropped, because I can eat full meals again without getting killer heartburn! Whoop! After you drop, they say it's usually two to four weeks for first-time moms. But I really need to last until April 24, so the church shower will be over and I'll be stocked up on diapers and onesies, and my dad will be back from his business trip. Just stay in there for three more weeks, Little Miss Mauck, you can do it!

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Audrey said...

Looking good! Your lucky with this pg I have had contractions for a long time. I didn't with Carson. Doc says every pg is different and that is so true. We plan to come down for your shower so, see you then.