02 April 2007

Bad poster, I know!

Well, I figured most of my thoughts for a post would be baby-related, and I would just wait until I had another pic of me and my big, nine-month belly to post with it, but I still don't have that picture, so I'll go ahead and post.

Last Thursday was my 25th b-day, which was great. Jay got me a pink suede baby scrapbook, which I asked for, and a really neat set of Christian baby girl embellishments and paper, plus lots of other cute accessories and papers he picked out all by himself at this cute scrapbook store in Madill. I was very pleased. Then Paul and Diane had us over for dinner, and we had a fabulous meal of fried croppy and mushrooms, meatloaf (one of my fave foods that J doesn't like), asparagus, and homemade New York Cheesecake! Yum!

Jay and I went to eat at Chili's Friday, and the hostess actually asked me if I could fit in a booth! My sister lovingly reminded me that people wouldn't make comments like this if they didn't think either a) I can handle them, or b) they didn't think I looked fat, just big. But, I can't help but keep a tally on the number of times I get comments like:

  • "Are you having twins?" 3
  • "I just don't know if you'll last X more weeks." 112 (give or take)

My first baby shower was yesterday--a small one the ladies at my work had for me. It was lovely, and I'll post pics soon. I forgot my camera, so I'm having to wait on someone else to e-mail me pics.

NAME UPDATE: You might notice I took down my name poll temporarily; I believe it was getting skewed by a certain computer-savvy young woman who was successfully voting multiple times from the same computer by changing her IP address. Tsk, tsk, Christy Flowers! So her pick, Susannah, was pulling away from the pack, with Ava coming in next, then Caroline, and then Eliza, with a lone supporter. And no, we haven't chosen one of these names...yet.

Truly, I think everyone we know is more stressed about us picking a name than we are. Yes, we have considered and thrown out A LOT of names, but we think we'll know the right name soon enough, which might not be until after the baby is born. So, those of you just itching to get us adorable personalized or monogrammed baby items, you might have to save those wonderful things for after Little Miss Mauck comes home from the hospital with the perfect name. I'll probably redo a poll in the next day or two with our current faves.

My weekend was mostly spent immersed in baby-preparation activities: arranging the nursery furniture the way I want it (still no pics, because I'm waiting on a couple more pieces before decorating the walls and such), and reading up on labor and delivery and pain relief options, according to Dr. and Mrs. Sears, What to Expect When You're Expecting, and The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. Jay is in a fishing frenzy--it's that time of year! When he's at home, it's Bassmasters on TV, and when he's gone he's either working or on a lake somewhere.

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