08 January 2007

Six month bump!

My tummy has popped right out in the last month! At church yesterday, one lady said, "I finally believe you now, Kim!" Sleeping is becoming more difficult, as turning over is much more of a challenge with this protruding belly to maneuver around. However, I feel great in every other aspect: plenty of energy. I need to start applying that energy toward prepping the nursery.
Several people have asked me, "Do you have the room all fixed up?" That's like asking me in October if I have all my Christmas shopping done, people! Not to mention I just finished the money-spending frenzy that was Christmas shopping, so I couldn't even think about spending money on big things like a glider, or making big decisions like paint color. My idea so far is to do a kind of garden theme: bright colors, primarily pink and green and yellow, with lots of daisies. I'm even considering painting tall daisies on the wall, stretching from baseboard to mid-wall. This will really be up to my lovely mom and sister, who so graciously volunteered to paint the nursery! I also really like the idea of finding some kind of vintage storybook-like pictures of children in gardens, with flowers, etc. I have no idea where to find these images though. Any ideas, resourceful readers?
The name debate continues on, with me searching popularity charts (for not-so-popular choices), the Baby Name Wizard book, and babycenter.com message boards for ideas. Thanks very much to everyone who voted in my name poll on babycenter. My current faves are not necessarily the same as Jay's, but they are Hannah Claire, Katelyn Claire, and Harper Elizabeth. He likes these, but they're not necessarily his tops. You've probably noticed that my mind has changed slightly since I set up the poll. A new fave of Jay's is Annika, and we haven't decided which middle name goes with that yet. Perhaps Annika Claire or Annika Diane. I made a baby name collage over the weekend in an attempt to give myself a visual representation of my mind's frantic circles. It's posted on the fridge, and I move around the names, take down ones we no longer like, and add new ones daily. I'll try to post a pic of it tomorrow.

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