22 January 2007

6 months dr. appointment

My Six Months Dr. appointment was Friday, and everything looks just fine. I drank the not-so-bad blood-sugar test drink, glucola, and got my blood drawn for gestational diabetes and anemia. Not so fun, but hearing my hyperactive baby girl's heart beat was a thrill, as always! I don't mean her heartbeat was unusually fast; she just moved away from the ultrasound thingy before the doc could listen for very long at all. My weight gain as of now is still normal, at 15lbs, so I'm still okay with broadcasting it. If I become silent on the subject, don't ask! The baby is about a pound and a half.

For now, she is still Baby Girl or Little Miss Mauck; no name decisions yet! Ones we agree on right now are Claire Elizabeth, Hannah Claire, Annika Claire, and Katy Diane. I really like Eva Claire, and call her Claire, but J insists that Eva just reminds him of the word "evil," and says it with a weird, demonic intonation. Anyway, I'm working on him. The name suggestions just keep pouring in from people at church and work, and I just keep on smiling and saying noncommittal things like "Oh yeah?" or "That's cute/sweet/unusual."

Tonight's the big SOSU/ECU game; bring on the cheer-offs, the halftime shows, and out-of-control fans! We're so there. Little Miss Mauck is building up her noise resistance while in the womb, did you know? So Shadow and Ranger's barking at a change in temperature or the occasional stray dog won't bother her when we bring her home.

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