12 January 2007

Happy birthday, Hubby!

Jay turned the big 2-9 Wednesday! He's had a great birthday week so far, and we'll probably go out to eat with my mom this weekend to celebrate again! On Wednesday, Jay came home a bit early, so my grand birthday plan got accelerated a tad: I had written 29 things I love about him on Post-It notes, and so I had to run around posting them when he pulled into the garage. He enjoyed hunting around the house for different things, some silly, some serious. Some examples: Posted on the TV in the living room: I love when you say, "Let's watch a movie, babe," even when you fall asleep 10 minutes after I push play. Posted by the back door: I love that you share the dog responsibilities with me, feeding them and helping clean up Ranger's messes. Posted on the bathroom mirror: I love when you sing in the morning, especially when you make up words to fit how you're feeling or what's going on. It reminds me of my mom!

Go to my cooking blog to see the fabulous birthday meal I made for him! Then we got to church, and his mom had brought hot cocoa and cookies for our class to enjoy on Jay's behalf! Last night, we had his birthday dinner at Paul and Diane's house, which was great, as usual: barbecue ribs and banana pudding! Can you tell Diane has become a huge Paula Deen fan lately? She's always been a cook after Paula's own heart, though.

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