24 January 2007

My belly made the news!

So I attended an on-campus meeting yesterday about the search for our new university president, just minding my own business, right? Well, my belly business became public last night when Channel 12 ran a package about the meeting, complete with a shot of the audience that included my co-workers, and...my belly! That's right, a profile shot that did not include my face, just my belly. How embarrassing (but funny)! Go here to watch it and click on the video icon (I don't know how long they'll leave it up on this site).

We decided on a new favorite name last night, which doesn't guarantee it will be our favorite next week, but hey, we reached an agreement, and that's important! It's Ava Claire. Jay does not like the name Eva, which I really like, but he likes Ava. ??? I'm really liking the sound of a two-syllable first name and a one-syllable middle name, although I still like Claire as a first name also.


Audrey said...

How cute was that!!!! I saw a little bump poking out of the crowd. I absolutely LOVE Ava Claire. But, I am not going to go and have anything monogrammed just yet, because J will probably change his mind. I LOVE IT!

Lissa said...

I LOVE Ava Claire. That is by far the best.