04 January 2007

Back to the daily grind...

What a grand week it's been, but now it's back to work! Monday was my mom's family's big Christmas/New Year's/OU game get-together. Go to my cousin's blog to see my new Chinese cousin, Amelia LiJin (Allie)! It was so much fun getting to spend time with Allie, my cousin's baby Emma, and of course all the old cousins, too! Caleb and Theresa put us to shame at the Nertz table a couple times, but the Okies showed up eventually.

I got one of my favorite Christmas gifts, a pink Chinese silk backpack/diaper bag! My aunt and uncle brought back souvenirs for EVERYONE (and that's a lot of people!) from China, including Faux-lexes for the boys and a T-shirt and hat for Nana and Grandad with their Chinese grandparent names on them! Tyler really enjoyed his Chinese warrior hat, a red silk cap with a long black braid coming out the back!

Then it was time to settle down for the OU game--if we're going to lose to Boise State, at least it's in a game people are saying might be the best of the century! What a roller coaster!

Happy birthday to my sis, who turned 23 yesterday!

My poor fam though; they're all sick with a head cold of some sort. Hope they feel better soon, as their Italian foreign exchange student is set to arrive today!

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