16 January 2007

Ice Storm!

Okay, I'll try to have pics of our ice-encrusted world later on--for now, here's a true picture of what I've been doing the last few days during our below-freezing temps and inclement driving conditions. We decided to dress Shadow and Ranger for the weather last night, and since J and my brother think any attempt to treat big dogs as humans is hilarious, they got a kick out of this.
I've pretty much been curled up on the couch, watching movies and reading, and cooking and eating the last three days straight. My family in Coleman have been out of electricity during that time, so my brother Kyle and their Italian foreign exchange student Angelica stayed at our house the last two nights. Kyle keeps her entertained with his earnest attempts at speaking Italian ("Did you tell your mom I was bellisimo?"), and she keeps us entertained with her periodic Italian tirades when she can't find English words to communicate her frustration or excitement (like when Kyle's having her try out a PS3 game, or when she gets through on the phone to her Mom in Italy.) The roads are clear enough to drive today, but temps remain around 20 degrees, not counting wind chill. Hooray for today being my first day back at graduate classes! I always say I learned how to dress for the weather when I was in college, having to walk to classes, to the dorm, to my car, etc., all day everyday. So I am layered up today!

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