29 August 2005

Weekending with the newlyweds

I just told my brother that I think it's cooler to write on subjects than to journal, but I'm going to give in to the powers that be (namely, my laziness), and recap my weekend. Friday night, J's college buddy Clint and his wife Sheridan spent the night at our house. They are a real hoot, and so sweet; brought J and I sno-cones from JJ's Shaved Ice (best sno-cones in Bryan County, but can't compare to the ones on Lindsey St. in Norman). They have two little boys--Hudson and Garrett. Get this: Sheridan and Clint both sell Arbonne, this Swiss skin care stuff. They're trying to get J and me to sell it, but I don't think it's gonna happen. I'm glad it worked out so well for them tho; Sheridan's driving a Mercedes SUV b/c of Arbonne!

Saturday, I was supposed to go the Caddo church's special seminar, "Holding to the Tradition," but slept too late, and then had to feed our guests my super-good breakfast casserole. Yay for trying new things! Then I went out to run errands: rented Bride and Prejudice, which J and I watched that nite--he basically just listened while he puttered around the house--but it was GREAT!! Haven't seen such a fun, clean movie in a long time!! You gotta get up and dance during more than one song (Did I mention it's a musical, my favorite kind of movie?). I skipped over my day activities: shopping at Ross and the Rage: more good, clean fun. Also bought a leather loveseat and ottoman--YIKES! It's a little painful to let go of that big a chunk of change. PLUS Jay and I just bought a hot tub last weekend--I don't know what possessed us to go furniture shopping and hot tub shopping on one day last weekend. (We bought a headboard, and couldn't decide on a loveseat, so I came back this weekend.)

Anyone read N. Scott Momaday's A House Made of Dawn? It's a postmodern, Native American novel--quite interesting, but extremely time-consuming to read. Is it shameful that I didn't know what a postmodern novel was until grad school?!! Professors have always bandied about that word, but I have a hunch that several people in my class, (a senior-level English class/grad class) had no idea what it actually meant until Dr. Tudor explained it. In case I'm driving any of you nuts b/c you don't know what postmodern is either, it's a novel structure that's hard to read: nonlinear plotline, multiple narrators, perhaps visions or memories thrown in to confuse you, lots of symbolism substituted for say, character development...you basically have to take notes on everything to keep it all straight. What on earth was my prof thinking, saying we needed to have the whole thing read by the second week of class?!!

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