03 August 2005


Jay and I haven't had a child yet, but we do have Shadow-boy. He's a six-month old Lab (mostly) we got as a stray when he was four months old. He's added so much to our life, it is almost like we've had a child. Especially for the first month, about 75% of our conversations were about Shadow: his house-training, his eating habits, what he's chewed to bits recently. I'm glad to say that the almost constant Shadow-talk has subsided, but the baby-talk has not. I really never pegged Jay as a baby-talker, but this dog has turned him into one! Just about all he ever calls me is "babe," but Shadow is "you little black toot," said in a squeaky voice that sounds like a six-year-old girl. Sometimes, Shadow is "you little tooty-wooty-tooty," said in an even higher falsetto.

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