03 August 2005

The Dam Law

Don't worry, no obscenities here. I'm referring to the law that as soon as you get one hole in your life filled with happiness and fulfillment, another area springs a leak. (Remember that scene in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation?) That's what happened to me in the past year in two months. Here I was at OU, busy as a little bee with all these intellectually challenging activities: interning at Oklahoma Today or editing a section of the student newspaper, taking upper-division college courses, and not to mention planning a wedding. I was constantly reading or writing, and having my hard work rewarded with published works or glowing peer critiques or A's on my transcript. Everything's great, right? Wrong. I was living two hours from my husband-to-be, having to get by with nightly telephone calls and bimonthly visits. In the midst of this whirr of activity, all I wanted was to be a happily married woman. Now that's exactly what I am, but the intellectual and professional stimulation has all but bottomed out.

In short, I CAN'T FIND A JOB! Okay, so I'm freelancing, working part-time as Johnston County 4-H Program Assistant, dabbling in real estate, and pursuing a Master's in English Education. That sounds like a lot, and sometimes it is, but most of the time, I'm struggling to plug this hole in my life. A bunch of part-time jobs is having the same effect on this leak as Clark Griswold's chewing gum had on the leak in the Hoover Dam. I love being a wife and having a home, but I need to use my brain and my skills! (You know, nunchakas skills, computer hacking skills...)

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