03 August 2005


Welcome to my world as a newlywed.

I'd like to start at the beginning of our marriage so this thing has some semblance of order, but alas, I don't feel like recounting the past year and two months. Worthy anecdotes from that period will likely be forthcoming.

Here's dating advice you hear from your mom and read in all those silly girly magazines, but you usually kind of dread: Share his interests! Honey, you better get used to drag racing or deer hunting or web design, or whatever it is this boy is into, because when you're married, you'll find yourself doing the most out-of-character things with your hubby. Case in point: I've now spent three of the last four nights on my Uncle Gary's ranch, shining spotlights around in search of deer. Now before you call your game ranger, let me say, the only shooting we're doing is with a video camera. I'm the note-taker and filmer. Jay is The Boss. He sees a pair of tiny reflected circles 200 yards away and hisses, "Get your camera ready!" I follow his commands and film the majestic beasts staring over at Sqeaky (Jay's junky truck) in total bewilderment. It's actually been pretty fun, bouncing along through Brushy Pasture, Sanctuary, Southside, and Long Pasture. (All these places must have names for the purposes of record-keeping.) We cross Blue River every night, and there's always one deliciously frightening moment when you think the water is going to carry Squeaky away. We've seen two bobcats now. Jay says they attack the deer, and therefore should be shot, but I like to watch them. If it was humane and inexpensive to own a tiger, I would want one.

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