22 August 2005

5 things that have made us laugh in the last week

  1. A man making annoucements at church welcomed our friend Amber back from Guacamola. (She spent a month in Brazil on a missions trip.)
  2. Jay came in at about midnight Friday night from fishing; I was dozing on the couch after going out with my mom and sister that night. He came and bent over me and whispered, "I caught my first ten-pounder, Babe," and then went over to the kitchen and started banging around looking for something to eat. "Hey, is this rice stuff still good?" He called over to me, where I still lay with my eyes closed. When I didn't answer, Jay repeated himself. "Do you think I care? Can't you tell when someone's trying to sleep?" I yelled back, and then got up and stomped to bed. If what I do and say when I'm partially asleep is the real me, then I'm mean! The next day, we remembered this scene and laughed.
  3. We got the giggles one night in bed because I suddenly remembered a fight song our friend Jeremy Tims had made up for a small high school where J.T. and Jay and done a basketball camp. Jay started singing, "We are the Turner Falcons...we are the Turner Falcons...Caw! Caw! Caw!" in this high voice J.T. used to sing it.
  4. My professor gave me an awkward hug after a one-on-one appointment. I recounted the story to Jay, and don't worry, he's not worried about me having an affair with the highly self-satisfied, very well-fed professor with the lazy eye.
  5. I followed Jay into the bathroom to tell him the story about the professor.

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