24 August 2005

BB6 going down the toilet

How much do I love reality TV? I steered clear of Big Brother for so long, but like so many reality shows, it has lured me into its clutches. I can't get out! Let me just vent my opinion on BB6, since my hubby will not hear a word about it: Howie completely screwed up the Sovereign Six when he nominated James & Sarah. That was the beginning of the end for them. Rachel saw it right then; I didn't. When, oh when, will reality TV competitors understand that they must put their personal vendettas on the back burner until the numbers are in their favor to serve up some just desserts?!! Now I can't even decide who I'm going for in that house. Howie went ape on April, Janelle is still a strong competitor, but she's looking more and more petty. Rachel's okay, but she seems so dang boring!! Plus, she was the main person behind the colossal goof-up that was the candy-pinata veto challenge. I guess I'm going to root for James, even tho his personality doesn't appeal to me. Any guy who silently agrees to his girlfriend's comment, "You don't have a very smart girlfriend" probably falls into the "typical jerk" category. But he's playing the game the best right now, despite his frantic deal-making when Sarah was still around. If Beau, Ivette, or April end up in the top two, I will be thoroughly disgusted with myself for wasting so much time watching a half mil go to people who sat on their rears and trash-talked in a phat pad all summer long.


Amanda said...

dang kim! i had to create an account to leave posts on here, so i hope you love them dearly. hopefully i dont start another online blog now since i've got one created! your analysis of bb6 is very interesting and i am in compliance with a majority of it. i think rachel has proved herself to be more than boring however, now i think she is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as ivette thinks she is.
p.s. i'm psyched you joined xanga, now we can both spy on kyle. muhahah.

Kim said...

I love spying on Kyle! Wasn't it cool when he said he was talking to some girl who was a Christian, which is cool because he's a Christian?!

And btw, I had to create a xanga account to post on your blog, too!